By admin September 29, 2015

When Lisa Bloom met her friends five-year-old daughter Maya for the first time she resisted the temptation to shower her with praise about her appearance. Instead she asked little Maya what book she was reading. ‘Not once did we discuss clothes or hair or bodies or who was pretty’. Instead she recounts that they talked about what Maya wanted to be when she grew up.

What Lisa points out in her blog is something that most of us are guilty of in one way or another. And yes babies are so cute that is really hard not to compliment them about their appearance. But by resisting that temptation like Lisa did and instead imparting sincere compliments that boost their self-esteem, and not just their looks, we can all help in creating the strong, powerful women that we want to see girls like little Maya grow up to be.

‘Here’s to changing the world one little girl at a time’. To read the full article go to:


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