Our Philosophy

At Hania Chima we believe that beauty is not in the appearance, it’s in the experience. And we design to enhance that for you.

Be it a reversible blazer, sober on one side and jazzy on the reverse, made so you can go straight from work to a party without missing a beat. Or an additional zipped pocket on the inside of a travel coat to securely hold your passport, we create clothes for their functionality. In the simple details, we are thinking about your experience.



About Hania

Hania has various interests including teaching, acting, traveling and interacting with people different from her. She creates clothes that serve these diverse environments and functions.

Though she always had a keen interest in the world of fashion, her decision to pursue a career in the field came as a surprise not only to friends and family, but to her as well. She attended Harvard College where she completed her undergraduate studies with a concentration in Sociology and a minor in Film Making. It was in her time there that she felt the need for a clothing brand that catered to the practical essentials of the multifaceted 21st century woman, who does not dress solely to look pretty. Hania’s creations reflect her minimalistic design philosophy and practical outlook to life.

She lives with her family in Lahore, Pakistan.
Harvard University
Class of 2014
Convent of Jesus and Mary Lahore
Class of 2008